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Political Action Committee

The BOMA/Chicago Political Action Committee was formed as a state PAC under Illinois law in 1997 to support state and local candidates who have shown leadership and commitment on issues important to BOMA/Chicago members. Since it is not qualified as a Federal PAC, it does not make contributions to Federal candidates.

The PAC is funded by voluntary contributions from individual and corporate members of BOMA/Chicago and by occasional fundraising efforts. The PAC maintains its own books and records. Its funds are segregated from the general funds of BOMA/Chicago and are accounted for separately.

The five members of the PAC, including its Chair, are appointed by the Board of Directors of BOMA/Chicago and consist of the current President, Vice President and Treasurer of BOMA/Chicago and the two most recent Past Presidents of BOMA/Chicago.

For more information about the PAC, contact Amy Masters, Director of Government and External Affairs, at